Hongqi E-Qm5 Big Sedan Is Full Of Controversy

Hongqi E-QM5 big sedan is full of controversy

FAW has been actively developing the premium brand Hongq35 for four years. During this time, sales increased by more than an order of magnitude - up to 197 thousand cars in 2021. If earlier only cars for the PRC government were produced under the Hongqi brand ("Red Banner"), now buyers can choose from four crossovers and three sedans. And now another passenger car has been added to the range - electric and very specific.

Hongqi E-QM5 big sedan is full of controversy

The Hongqi E-QM5 sedan was first shown back in January, but is now fully ready for production and market launch.

The four-door has an unusual design: instead of headlights, there are thin diode contours of the running lights, and the main floodlights are installed in the corners of the bumper. Of the family traits, perhaps the red comb on the hood. But that is not all.

Hongqi E-QM5 big sedan is full of controversy

From the pictures it may seem that we have a golf-class car in front of us, but in fact Hongqi E-QM5 has the dimensions of an executive sedan: length - 5040 mm, width - 1910 mm! The wheelbase is 2990 mm. It's all about proportions.

The height of the Chinese "five" is 1569 mm, that is, it is almost 100 mm higher than the Audi A8 or the "seven" of BMW. The base wheels are 18-inch and the boot capacity is 433 liters.

Hongqi E-QM5 big sedan is full of controversy

Contrasts continue in the cabin. Hongqi E-QM5 has separate rear seats with electric recline, and a retractable footrest is provided for the most important right-hand passenger. In the massive central armrest there is a control panel for the seats and individual climate control zones (it is four-zone), the floor of the cabin is almost flat.

At the same time, the front part of the cabin looks poor: there are ordinary dial gauges, there is no projector, no seat ventilation, no sunroof, and the seats themselves are relatively simple, albeit with an electric drive.

Hongqi E-QM5 big sedan is full of controversy

And the most surprising thing is the technical stuffing. The five-meter Hongqi E-QM5 is equipped with a single electric motor on the front axle, which produces ...

136 hp. with. ! The maximum speed is only 130 km / h. The lithium-iron-phosphate traction battery (supplied by BYD) has a capacity of only 54 kW ∙ h, the passport cruising range is 431 km according to the outdated NEDC cycle, that is, in reality it will be about 250 km. Chassis - with multi-link rear suspension, but here are the usual springs and passive shock absorbers.

Hongqi E-QM5 big sedan is full of controversy

For all this splendor, the FAW concern asks for 37 thousand dollars. For example, an ordinary gasoline sedan Hongqi H5 of slightly more modest dimensions in China costs from 23 thousand, and an electric crossover Hongqi E-HS3 - from 35 thousand dollars. So far, only government agencies and corporate buyers can purchase a new electric sedan, but later access will be open to private owners. The plans include a version with a five-seater saloon and a 190-horsepower electric motor.



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