Golden Policy: 10 Cars, Hull Insurance For Which Costs About A Million

  Is a million rubles a lot or not? And one and a half thousand is not enough? It depends on what to compare with, because for this money you can insure cars with a comprehensive hull insurance. Yes, different cars and for different amounts insured. But the fact is that Casco can cost both a kilogram of cheese and two Lada Grantas in top-end configuration. We got into the base of the insurance companyRESO-Guaranteeand found the largest and smallest Casco premiums. And at the same time they thought what could be bought with this money.


№10. Mercedes SL63 AMG 2021

Casco cost: 712 598 rubles.

An entire house could be purchased at the cost of the policyForest talewith an area of ​​103 sq. m (albeit without a plot, only the house itself). But then the car would have to be repaired for our own.

And if they steal? Still, the SL63 AMG costs more than 11 million. .. For three quarters of a million saved on canceling insurance, you can buy 24 bottles of fifty-year-old Hart Brothers whiskey and grieve for a long time over the lost sports car.


9. BMW 760 Li 2021

Casco cost: 744 705 rubles.

The sum insured for thissevensexceeds 19 million rubles. A bit too much for a 2021 sedan, isn't it? Everything is understandable: the vehicle is armored. Apparently the owner is very concerned about security.

And not only his own, but also his car. Instead, you could buy 13 FORT body armorUlan25 FTF / ASP-М3 (F) / ADP (B) - would be enough for both the boss and the guards. There would still be spare ones. However, you can save on body armor and buy a Beretta smoothbore gun. The price for it starts from a little over a hundred thousand.

No. 8. Ferrari F430 S39ider 2007

Casco cost: 744 913 rubles.

Insuring a bright yellow Ferrari cost about the same as an armored BMW. But the cost of the F430 is several times less - only four million.

The high tariff is explained by the high risk, since it is much easier to decompose a 490-horsepower Ferrari. Therefore, in this case, we would advise not to save on comprehensive insurance. And if you save, then with benefit. For example, for more than seven hundred thousand, you can spend almost a hundred hours of training at the Racing Academy behind the wheel of a prepared BMW M3. Or 66 hours in the same place, but already on a Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

Few rollback? How about 1,241 sessions at the karting club?

# 7. Bentley Mulsanne 2021

Casco cost: 838 572 rubles.

That's how much they paid for insurance for a limousine worth more than twelve million. Not a bad tariff! But we will find a use for this money as well. You can, for example, pay a little extra and buy a RusBoat-65 boat to plow the water surface of the Moscow region reservoirs.

If you already have a boat (and in the case of a Bentley owner this is very likely), you can buy 546 Cohiba Siglo VI Cuban cigars. Or head off to Milan for a week in a suite at the Four Seasons.

No. 6. Mercedes S600 2007

Casco cost: 885 623 rubles.

And one morearmored car. , this time Mercedes for 11,749,580 rubles. Alternative? The variant with body armor and rifles remains in effect. However, there is a more interesting topic - an armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle (or simply BRDM-2). From conservation, all routine maintenance was carried out, rubber products were replaced.

In the presence of a tower, a walkie-talkie, a night vision device. Checked in the modeon the water. . Mileage 360 ​​km. The owner, however, wants 900,000 rubles for it, but we think you can bargain.

In such carthere is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. True, the question of the comfort and relevance of the BRDM-2 in business trips remains open.

No. 5. Rolls Royce Phantom Cou79e 2021

The cost of comprehensive insurance: 998 854 rubles.

British coupe with a length of 5.6 meters with a 460-horsepower engine with a volume of 6. 7 (!) Liters costs seventeen and a half million rubles. That is, as a three-room apartment in the South-West Administrative District of Moscow. The cost of insurance is also impressive, some 1,146 rubles are not enough up to a million.

If you spend this money on something else, then it must be something worthwhile. You can, of course, buy 85,861 packs of noodlesDoshirak Kvistybeef flavored but it went horribly. It is much more appropriate to spend 768,600 rubles on a set of antique furniture of ten items from the late 19th - early 20th centuries. Genuine leather, oak, handmade, centuries-old history in every square millimeter of this headset. Another 230,000 rubles will cost a Georgian oak tea table from the same period.

For the remaining 854 rubles, you can stock up on Twinings English Breakfast tea.

No. 4. Maybach 62 S 2008

Casco cost: 998 865 rubles.

Kill it, but we don't understand how you can choose Maybach over authentic Rolls Royce and Bentley.

Moreover, when the cost of a limousine is 18 million, you have to spend so much money for insurance. Probably, you need to love Germany very much. You can express your love in a different way. For example, rent the Ste113rath Mansion in Geldern for ten days. The castle from 1250, gardens, pastures, barbecue area, several gazebos on an area of ​​16 hectares are at your complete disposal.

But, of course, we would have rushed to the Nordschleife and rented some kind of sports car. The money saved on Maybach's insurance would be enough for eleven crazy days on the Northern Loop driving a BMW M3 E46. Or five even crazier days at the Porsche 911 (991) GT3. But why is all this to the owner of the Maybach?

№3. Mercedes G500 2008

Casco cost: 1 000 106 rubles.

The armored Mercedes G500 has the third place in the ranking. Why insure it at all? Gelandewagen, as we found out, is simply unkillable . Probably, it can only be blown up with a ton of TNT or simply stolen. Then you have to come up with a replacement. For one million you can become the owner of two UAZ Hunter performanceClassic.

. So-so replacement, of course. But the Ulyanovsk SUV is much cheaper to maintain and, perhaps, even moreunkillablethan G-Klasse. Instead of one of the UAZs, you can buy the Body-Solid G9S strength trainer for 299,600 rubles and 28 sets of MB Barbell dumbbells, 32.5 kg each.

Well to fit the car.

No. 2. Ferrari FF 2021

Casco cost: 1 110 493 rubles.

The sum doesn't seem so big when you remember that a black Ferrari costs almost 16 million, accelerates to 100 km / h in 3.

7 seconds and reaches 335 km / h. At the same time, the Ferrari FF is a real Gran Turismo, created for long-distance travel. So,insurancea million can be spent on the longest trip. At an average cost of 1.15 euros per liter, 14,700 liters of AI-98 can be refueled.

If you believe the passport flow rate of 15.4 liters pera hundredthen there will be enough gasoline to circumnavigate the globe twice along the equator and three times to slide from Peter to Maranello and back.

No. 1. Bentley Brooklands 2008

Casco cost: 1,149,415 rubles.

If there can be anything more English in life than this Bentley, then only Sherlock Holmes or Big Ben. Every stitch in the salon, every chrome element is reminiscent of Britain and the centuries-old traditions of Foggy Albion. A car for a gentleman! And spend 1 149 415 rubles as a true gentleman. For example, give a lady of heart a charming new MINI Cooper. And it does not matter that there is not so much British in it.

Prices for a hatch just start at 1,110,000 rubles. If there is no lady of the heart, you can become the owner of a rare 1938 Vauxhall and start restoring it. ..Superfluous149 thousand will go to the delivery of the rarity from Chelyabinsk.

True, then you will have to spend a few million more on restoration. Or maybe do some old English fun - horse hunt with greyhounds? A thoroughbred horse will cost a maximum of 700,000 rubles. But what a hunt without greyhounds? Greyhound puppies cost up to forty thousand rubles. That is, a flock of at least eleven four-legged hunters is provided for you. By the way, the Greyhound is the fastest dog in the world, capable of accelerating to 65 km / h.

Although the Bentley Brooklands is certainly faster. Its maximum speed is 296 km / h.

Features of national tariffing

So that you are not surprised that the comprehensive insurance is on Ferrari for four million costs the same as for BMW for nineteen, let's briefly talk about how these same tariffs are considered inRESO-Guarantee. . First, the unprofitability of a particular brand and model is studied.

That is, if, according to statistics, insured events with Ferrari F 430 occur more often than with BMW 760 Li , then the base rate will be higher. Secondly, it takes into account the gender, age and length of service admitted to driving. Obviously, a 20-year-old girl is much more likely to get into an accident than a 50-year-old professional driver. Thirdly, the repair option is taken into account - from official and unofficial dealers. The second, of course, is cheaper, because the prices for repairs are atinformalbelow.

In addition, the presence of a deductible plays a role, when the policyholder assumes responsibility for minor damage, as well as the history of loss (or break-even) of the policyholder.

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