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  Last Sunday, May 24, the last stage of the competition took place in TogliattiGive your dad a carhosted by the participants of the ART runShow Russia. . The Togliatti semi-finalists, selected by the jury the day before, painted their final works. 

In the Lada showroomAuto-Planetyoung artists participating in the last, Togliatti stage of the competition, painted a Lada Largus car, standing for clarity right in front of them - just like children in five more Russian cities did earlier - Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Izhevsk, Perm and Yekaterinburg.

Recall the competitionGive your dad a carran from April 13 to May 24 as part of the second seasonShow Russia- a creative project that combines autotravel and visual arts. In each city, the race was accompanied by free master classes, contests, children's parties, and most importantly, it gave 2,200 children the opportunity to win a real car, a luxury 7-seater Lada Largus station wagon.

At the moment, 29 best young artists from six cities of Russia have been selected, who have drawn the final works and are awaiting the decision of the jury, which, according to preliminary data, will include employees of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, leading design specialists center of AVTOVAZ and members of the Union of Artists of Russia.

So, we announce all the participants in the final of the competitionGive your dad a car. !

  • Nizhny Novgorod: Garnukhina Yana, Varlamov Maxim, Bondartsev Nikita, Sinko Daria, Voronin Stepan.

  • ?? Cheboksary: ​​Mukhametshin Ramil, Sabotarova Nastya, Fedyanina Anna, Savinkina Ksenia.
  • ?? Izhevsk: Anna Kilmetova, Alisa Rodionova, Polina Pozdeeva, Katerina Luzhbina, Daniil Pchelnikov.
  • ?? Perm: Ketova Ekaterina, Ivanova Kira, Polnitsky Andrey, Karavannykh Semyon, Varankin Artemy.
  • ?? Yekaterinburg: Nikolay Guryevskikh, Victoria Dunaeva, Daria Vilichenko, Matvey Nechkov, Irina Semyonova.
  • ?? Togliatti: Yaikov Nikita, Zakharov Artyom, Zaitseva Tatyana, Fedorova Anastasia, Lysenko Ekaterina.

In the photo: the winners of the competition for the best comment, which contains a list of places in Togliatti, which a tourist must visit

Most often, the organizers of the competition are asked:Are you really going to give the car for a child's drawing? . Well, one of these young talents will very soon win a real Lada Largus car for his parents. The approximate date for the announcement of the jury's decision has already been announced - June 1, 2021. Until then, the fans of the projectShow Russiathere will be many interesting minutes - we are preparing for publication a couple of videos shot in Togliatti, as well as an article about this city, several colorful photo reports, etc. .

. maybe some more interesting news. ..

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