"give Dad A Car": About 500 Homework Collected In Cheboksary

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  Organizers of the competitionGive your dad a car ", participants of the ART-runShow Russiacollected about five hundred works from children who want to win a real Lada Largus car. 

Acceptance of works will continue throughout Friday, April 24, so the final number of participants in the competition will be even greater - especially considering the fact that about 1000 Cheboksary children received homework, and in addition, task forms are downloaded in official groups project VKontakte and Facebook.

On Saturday, April 25, all those who have completed their homework are invited to a children's party at the Lada dealership. 34; Dial-Avtoat Cheboksary, Proezd Mashinostroiteley, 5, to receive prizes for participation.

And the authors of the five best works selected by our jury (Armen Karapetyants and Evgeny Utkin, members of the Union of Artists of Russia, branches of the Union), will take part in the further struggle for the main prize - the car Lar gus, whose fate will be decided on June 1, 2021 upon the arrival of the ART raceShow Russiain Togliatti, the birthplace of Lada cars.

In the meantime, the ART-run is visiting Cheboksary. Travelers are having a great time, despite the cold weather: artists write sketches and hold free master classes for everyone in the Madagascar shopping center, and the rest of the participants test cars (the project moves from city to city in Largus cars - a van, a station wagon, etc. cross-version), study city attractions, local legends and interesting facts. For example, today part of the race participants went to the Chuvash villages to find out the secret of traditional home brewing, which Chuvashia is famous for.

All the details are in our upcoming stories: one video report from Cheboksary is already ready and the next one is about to arrive.

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