Ford Intrigues Fans With New Registered Brand Name

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Ford intrigues fans with new registered brand name
  New Ford logo has been sent for registration with the US Patent Office. The brand name is an imagea fast moving carin which the features are easily guessedlegendsFord GT40. 

A new logo, sent for registration to the patent office, was reported by Motor. At the moment, it remains unknown for what purpose the American concern plans to use the brand name with the image of the legendary Ford GT40 car. Perhaps the details will appear after January 12, 2021 - on this day a secret Ford event should take place, the details of which are still classified.

In the photo: Su43erformance Ford GT40

At the moment, there are several versions of the application of the new mysterious logo, so, experts It is believed that it could serve for the release in 2021 of a line of branded accessories, timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Ford team's participation in the 24-hour Le Mans race (the anniversary, by the way, will be celebrated in 2021). Another version of the need to register this logo is the use by the new Ford Performance division: it will be engaged in productionchargedmodifications of serial models of the brand.

Also, according to experts, the brand name can be used for an advertising campaign for the new Ford GT supercar. According to rumors, the American automaker in 2021 is preparing to release a mid-engined rear-wheel drive car with a turbo engine in 2021, and this new product should debut in January this year at the Detroit Auto Show.

Ford intrigues fans with new registered brand name

In the photo: interior Superformance Ford GT40


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