Datsun On-Do: Prices, Configurations, Competitors

  Datsun management announced Russian prices for on-DO sedan. Kolesa portal. Ru found out how much the new "Japanese-Russian" state employee in various configurations will cost, and what competitors offer for comparable money. 

The new Datsun on-DO, we recall, is built on the basis of the Lada Granta sedan. That is, at the heart of the budget "Japanese" .

.. "Kalina" of the previous generation. On-DO is related to the products of the domestic auto industry not only by the chassis, but also by the place of production: the new Datsun sedan is produced at AvtoVAZ, literally next door to Grant, the Nissan Almera sedan and the new Renault Logan. The production of new items began in Togliatti a little over a week ago.


The starting price of Datsun on-DO in our market is 329,000 rubles. For this money, the buyer will receive a car with a VAZ engine of 1.6 liters, 82 liters. with. , and a manual transmission as standard Access.

The equipment of such on-DO is by no means spartan: a height-adjustable steering wheel with electric power assistance, heated front seats, a folding rear seat back, ABS with emergency braking and electronic brake force distribution, as well as a driver's airbag and Isofix child seat mounting system. By the standards of the budget segment - not bad at all.

Datsun on-DO: prices, configurations, competitors

What competitors have?

"Soplatform" Lada Granta sedan in the complete set "Norm "with engine 1. 6 l, 87 l. with.

, costs comparable to the basic on-DO money (326 600 rubles). In this Grant, unlike the "Japanese", there is a central locking, immobilizer and front power windows, but no ABS. The airbag, as in the Datsun, is provided only for the driver.

For 329,000 rubles you can buy Daewoo Nexia with a 1.5 liter, 80 hp engine.

with. , in the Spartan configuration without power steering. The list of equipment for such a sedan includes only the Clarion radio with a USB connector. For 337,000 rubles. a car of the same equipment is offered with an engine of 1.

6 liters with a capacity of 106 liters. with.

Datsun on-DO: prices, configurations, competitors

Datsun on-DO: prices, configurations, competitors


car owners, as suggested in the leadership of Datsun, will use on-DO in the "average" configuration Trust for 355,000 rubles. Such a car is equipped with a more powerful engine: 87 hp. with.

against 82 in the "base". In the list of standard equipment, in addition to the basic configuration, there are central locking, an on-board computer, a passenger airbag, front power windows, electrically adjustable and heated side mirrors, front and rear mud flaps.

As options, you can purchase climate control (there is, however, a suspicion that behind this phrase hides a banal air conditioner) and a two-din audio system with USB, SD card slot, Bluetooth, Hands free and four speakers. On-Do Trust with "climate" is estimated at 379,000 rubles, a car with climate control and "music" - at 389,000 rubles.

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Datsun on-DO: prices, configurations, competitors

What competitors have?

Over 355,000 rubles you can buy Renault Logan II with engine 1.6 8v, 82 hp. with.

, in the basic configuration. The equipment of such a Logan, however, will be truly Spartan: even for the hydraulic booster, you will have to pay extra.

At 356,000 rubles, Daewoo Nexia 1.5 with air conditioning and "music" is estimated, and for 386,000 rubles. you can buy a top-end "Nexia" with central locking, air conditioning, audio system, front and rear windows.

A car with the same equipment and a 1.6-liter 106-horsepower engine is only 6 thousand more expensive.

For 389,999 rubles, you can purchase a Chinese Chery Bonus sedan. The base car is, however, estimated at this amount: without "music" and ABS, but with an immobilizer, central locking with remote control, air conditioning, front and rear windows.

The most interesting offer to buyers of budget cars in the segment from 355,000 to 389,000 rubles is made by native AvtoVAZ.

For 383 600 rubles. Togliatti residents offer Lada Granta sedan with an automatic transmission . The list of standard equipment includes two airbags, ABS, immobilizer, electric power steering, central locking, front electric windows.


Russians will have to pay 400,000 rubles for the new Datsun on-DO in the top performance Dream. In this configuration, the "Japanese" is serially equipped with 15-inch alloy wheels, central locking with remote control, multimedia system, climate control, power windows for the rear doors.

The rear seats fold 40/60.

As options on the top-end on-DO, you can purchase a rear parking sensor, rain and light sensors, side airbags, a stabilization system, heated windshield and even a navigation system with a 7-inch color display. The most "sophisticated" car, equipped with all the equipment mentioned, costs 445,000 rubles.

Datsun on-DO: prices, configurations, competitors

What competitors have?

82-strong Renault Logan II in configuration Confort costs from 408,000 rubles. Due to additional equipment and option packages, such a Logan can easily be brought to the level of top-end on-DO.

So, for 25,000 rubles, an air conditioner is offered, for 14,000 rubles. - "Winter" package (electrically adjustable and heated side mirrors, heated seats and windshield); a CD-MP3 audio system with USB, Bluetooth and a joystick under the steering wheel is estimated at 9,000 rubles, the same amount is asked for the "Security 1" package (passenger airbag, central rear headrest, 60/40 folding rear seats); The package "Multimedia" with standard "navigation" costs 14,000 rubles.

The price of the most "sophisticated" Chery Bonus in our market is 419,999 rubles. They ask so much for a sedan with an "advanced" audio system with 6 speakers, two airbags, a parking sensor, "fog lights", heated seats and electric and heated mirrors.

For 415 600 rubles, you can buy a Lada Granta sedan in the Lux configuration.

These cars are equipped with a 106-horsepower engine, two airbags, ABS, heated front seats, front and rear power windows, power and heated side mirrors, a climate system, 15-inch alloy wheels. And for 448,800 rubles, Granta Lux with "automatic" is offered.

Summary of Kolesa. Ru

In terms of price and equipment ratio, the new Datsun on-DO is one of the best offers on our market today. We (following the Datsun marketers) consider the most optimal bundle to be "average" Trust: cheap and cheerful!

There are, however, things that do not allow us with a clear conscience to recommend a new on-Do for purchase.

This is, firstly, an extremely limited number of dealerships of the brand: 25 showrooms throughout Russia. True, there will be 45 of them by the spring of 2021, but even this is not so many.

Secondly, we are confused by the too close technical "relationship" of the Datsun sedan with AvtoVAZ products. And it is not yet clear whether the notorious "Japanese DNA", which the brand representatives trumpet at all press conferences, can overpower him.

Who, then, is the new on-DO designed for? In our opinion, for a resident of the Russian hinterland, who is looking for a new foreign car, but is not ready to pay much more than 400 thousand rubles for it.

How many of them will be in our country - we will find out closer to the end of the year ...


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