Dakar: Ginelle De Villiers Wins Stage 5


Jan 12, 2021, 06:38 AM


Dakar: Ginelle de Villiers wins stage 5

The fifth stage of the "Dakar" ended with the victory of the Toyota Gazoo Rac37ng driver Ginelle de Villiers held between Riyadh and Al-Qaisum.

After four stages of “Dakar”, de Villiers took the twenty-second place in the individual standings, but the victory on the 456 kilometer stretch allowed the South African to rise to twelfth place. After a 256-kilometer stretch, de Villiers was in the lead with a seven-minute lead, but ended up just 58 seconds ahead of his compatriot Brian Baragwanath at the finish line.

Overall leader Stefan Petransel at some point took fifth place, but closer to the finish line he won back and finished third two and a half minutes behind the leader. However, this result did not greatly upset the X-Raid MINI rider, since today he played more than two minutes against his main rival Nasser Al-Attiyah, who finished fourth.

The crew of Vladimir Vasiliev became the best of the Russian riders - twelfth place at the end of the stage (lagging behind the leader twenty three and a half minutes), and eleventh place in the overall standings, lagging one hour and forty seven minutes.

The crew of the KAMAZ team of Andrey Karginov won the truck classification. The crew of Alexei Vishnevsky from MAZ-SPORTavto finished second, more than two minutes behind. Yesterday's winner, Dmitry Sotnikov, finished third, one minute behind Vishnevsky.

In the individual classification, the advantage of Sotnikov's crew is more than half an hour.

The second place was taken by the crew of the KAMAZ team of Anton Shibalov. The crew of Martin Matsik from Iveco, who occupied the second position the day before, fell back to the third line, fifty-one minutes behind the leader.


Dakar: Ginelle de Villiers wins stage 5


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