Crossover Haval Jolion Will Soon Appear In Russia


Apr 12, 2021, 23:38 pm


Crossover Haval Jolion will soon appear in Russia

At home, this car debuted just three and a half months ago under named Haval Chul44an. And now the Russian representative office of the company announced the imminent launch of the model on our market. We have come up with a more euphonious name Jolion for the SUV. Preparations for production in China and Russia proceeded in parallel, and the Tula Haval plant is almost ready to start mass production! The start of sales is scheduled for late spring.

Crossover Haval Jolion will soon appear in Russia

Haval Chulian / Jolion replaced the H2 model, which was sold on the Russian market until last year.

In terms of size and format, this is a classmate of Kia S31ortage or Hyundai Tucson cars: the length of the crossover is 4472 mm, the wheelbase is 2700 mm. This is the first model in Russia on the L. E. M. O.

N. modular platform, although a whole range of crossovers on this "cart" is already being sold in the PRC. It fundamentally differs from the previous platforms of the company by the expanded use of high-strength steels and the increased rigidity of the body structure.

Crossover Haval Jolion will soon appear in Russia

Jolion has the simplest version of the platform with a semi-independent rear suspension and no alternative front wheel drive. There will also be only one engine in Russia - a petrol turbocharger 1.

5 with a return of 143 liters. with. and 210 Nm. You can only choose a gearbox: a six-speed "mechanics" or a seven-speed "robot" with two wet clutches.

Crossover Haval Jolion will soon appear in Russia

Interior of the Chinese model Haval Chulian

Outside, the Russian Jolion differs from its Chinese counterpart Chulian only in a different radiator grille.

The interior of our crossover has not yet been revealed, but it will certainly have a number of features. Options and prices will be announced closer to the start of sales, although it is clear that it will be the most affordable Haval in the local range. Now this role is played by the frame Haval H5 at a price of 1.4 million rubles.


Crossover Haval Jolion will soon appear in Russia


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