Chrome And The Sun: Photo Report From The Run Of American Oldtimers

  A very remarkable and significant event happened in the automotive life of St. Petersburg last weekend - the owners of four-wheeled American vehicles opened the season. How it was? A sea of ​​chrome, huge engines, puffs of smoke from under the wheels, hoods the size of a double bed and a parking lot jammed with five-meter road cruisers that attracted hundreds of passers-by. 

For those whoin the topic. , the first mass meeting of the season is, first of all, the joy of human communication with like-minded people, endless conversations about automotive topics, exchange of experience, as well as new, of course, pleasant and useful acquaintances.

Such events over and over again unite people of different ages and incomes, representatives of all kinds of professions and social strata according to one simple criterion - love for the American automotive culture and everything connected with it.

Someone has owned themed cars for more than a dozen years, someone joined quite recently, some restore rarities on their own, while others prefer to service their cars in proven services ... And by and large, all these differences do not matter when there is an opportunity to discuss over a cup of tea the process of restoration of an ancient Buick or exhaust torn off at the move on an Oldsmobile 71 years old.

The meeting took place according to the traditional scenario: gathering on the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, a couple of hours of communication, followed by a leisurely convoy grasping through the city center with invariable burnouts raised by the thumbs of the townspeople and approving signals of passing drivers.

The start has been given, there are a lot of plans for the season, which means that there will be plenty of remarkable cars on the streets of St. Petersburg in the summer. We promise that we will closely follow everything that happens on this stage, and very soon we will launch a series of reviews of American classics. Don't switch, there will be a lot of interesting things.


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