Can Afford: Executive Sedans That A Mid-Level Manager Can Afford

  The more expensive a car is, the faster it loses in value. Seven to eight years later, the car, which was worth several million, is being sold at the price of a new Focus. Should you be tempted by the availability of luxury, and what are the hidden costs of such cars? We took three flagshipsThe Big German Threeworth up to 1 million rubles and checked. 

Mercedes-Benz S-class W220

If you focus on the amount of up to 1 million rubles, then you should not count on the S-class of the previous generation W221. .

.Mercedesare highly valued and become cheaper slowly, therefore, the average cost falls below a million only for cars of the first years of production - 2005 and 2006.

Moreyoungexamples are already falling out of our field of vision, so for the review we chose the Mercedes-Benz S-class W220, which was produced from 1998 to 2005.

As can be seen from the table, if 10 years oldGeldingcomparable in price with a relatively modest oneSolaristhen when it comes to 15 year olds, the cost gets closer toLade Grant. .

Rather call the seller? There is no need to rush. It's better to estimate the costs first.

Average prices

Year of release Average price, rub.
1998 350,000
1999 390,000
2000 400,000
2001 430,000
2002 450,000
2003 540,000
2004 570,000
2005 725,000

Fuel consumption and transport tax

Here in the table we have collected modifications of the S-class W220 and wrote out from the passport data how much fuel a car with a particular engine will consume, and how much the Federal Tax Service will ask you for owning such a car, if you are registered in Moscow. Now it is the most expensive region in terms of taxation, and you can calculate the costs for your city on the FTS website.

Model Engine Fuel consumption in the urban cycle, liters per 100 km and octane number Transport tax in Moscow, which you pay per year, rub.
S320 3. 2 l, gasoline, 224 l. with. 17.

0 AI-95

14 560
S350 3. 7 l, gasoline, 245 l. with. 16. 4 AI-95 18 375
S430 4.

4 l, gasoline, 279 l. with.

17. 0 AI-95 41 850
S500 5. 0 l, gasoline, 306 l.


18. 5 AI-95 45 900
S600 5. 8 l, gasoline, 367 l. with.

21. 4 AI-95 55 050
S320 CDI (1998-2002) 3. 2 l, diesel, 197 l. with. 10.


9 850
S320 CDI (2002-2005) 3. 2 l, diesel, 204 l. with. 10. 6 13 260
S400 CDI 4.

0 l, diesel, 250 l. with.

14. 2 18 750

Can Afford: Executive sedans that a mid-level manager can afford

Even outside of metropolitan areas, the tax on powerful gasoline versions remains very high. And it is worth boldly adding another 15-20% to the consumption data, since the manufacturers mercilessly underestimate these indicators, and the car does not make the age less voracious.

For example

Let's say you bought an S-class S350 in 2004 for 570 thousand rubles. Having driven 15,000 kilometers per year in city mode, you will have to shell out about 85,000 - 90,000 rubles just for gasoline. It turns out that with sparing operation, fuel costs will not exceed 7,500 rubles. Not much for the executive class.

And if it breaks .


If we talk about common problems that are expensive, we can mention the Air-Matic pneumatic struts. Replacing them with us is inexpensive, about 3,500 rubles, but each rack will cost 60,000 rubles. In addition, all gasoline engines on the W220 suffer from increased oil consumption.

The problem is treated by replacing the valve stem seals. We do this work for 18,000 rubles. Anton Komoltsev , General Director of Mercedes-Benz Service STO (St. Petersburg, Bogatyrskiy prospect, 7)

BMW 7 series E65

Compared toMercedes. , then the executive class BMW will cost a little cheaper on average.

In any case, cars of the 7th series until 2007 are included in our price range of up to 1 million rubles. In 2008, the E65 generation, to which we will ask the price, replaced the current one, with the F01 index. Accordingly, the average price rises sharply and crosses the million mark.

Average prices

Year of manufacture Average price, rub.
2001 430,000
2002 460,000
2003 550,000
2004 620,000
2005 720,000
2006 790,000
2007 840,000

The price picture is similar to the Mercedes one.

Agesevenscomparable in price with new, but desperately budget cars without a leather interior, luxurious seats and power units that press riders into these very seats during acceleration. And since we are talking about motors, we present a table with calculations of fuel costs and transport tax.

Fuel consumption and vehicle tax

During the restyling process, BMW completely renewed the engine lineup toseven. , so we made two tables for convenience. However, it would be clear from one that the BMW 7 series consumes a little less fuel than the Mercedes-Benz S-class, but it is still capable of surprising the owner with an appetite.

Top-end petrol versions are more powerfulStuttgart. , which means that the tax for them goes higher.

Motors before restyling (2001-2005)

Model Engine Fuel consumption in the urban cycle, liters per 100 km and octane number Transport tax in Moscow, which you pay per year, rub.
730i 3. 0 l, gasoline, 231 l.


15. 5 AI-95 17 325
735i 3. 6 l, gasoline, 272 l. with.

15. 9 AI-95 40 800
745i 4.4 l, gasoline, 333 hp with. 16. 2 AI-95 49 950
760i 6.

0 l, gasoline, 445 l. with.

20. 2 AI-95 66 750
730d 3. 0 l, diesel, 218 l.


12. 1 14 170
740d 3. 9 l, diesel, 258 l. with.

13. 8 38 700

Motors after restyling (2005-2008)

Model Engine Fuel consumption in the urban cycle, liters per 100 km and octane number Transport tax in Moscow, which you pay per year, rub.
730i 3. 0 l, gasoline, 258 l. with.

14. 6 AI-98 38 700
740i 4. 0 l, gasoline, 306 l. with. 16.

3 AI-98

45 900
750i 4. 8 l, gasoline, 367 l. with. 16. 9 AI-98 55 050
760i 6.

0 l, gasoline, 445 l. with.

20. 7 Ai-98 66 750

For example

So, you have saved up 620,000 and bought a 10-year-old BMW 735i. With a mileage of 15,000 kilometers per year, your gasoline costs will be about 82,000 - 87,000 rubles, or 7,000 rubles per month.

If you decide to buy a restyled car after 2005, then calculate your costs taking into account the fact that this onesevenwill be eatonly 98th gasoline.

And if it breaks ...

A typical problem with the E65 sevens is the quickly wearing out silent blocks of the rear trailing arms.

However, this is an inexpensive repair - we repress them for 3,000 rubles, and the parts themselves will cost 1,500 apiece. The most expensive thing on these machines is box repair. If the owner missed the oil change according to the regulations, then the situation threatens to turn into a bulkhead, and this work costs 115,000 rubles. Fedor Zhevaykin, senior master of service stationBMW repair in St. Petersburg(Khimikov st.

, 2)

Audi A8 D3

Average prices

Year of manufacture Average price, rub.
2003 490,000
2004 560,000
2005 680,000
2006 720,000
2007 760,000
2008 820,000
2009 1,000,000

Prices for cars of 2007-2008 really make you think, because today you will have to pay about the same money for relativelypackeda C-class sedan or a frivolous subcompact crossover. It is tempting to spit on all this and buy a Sedan with a capital letter ...

But what will be the daily costs?

Engine Fuel consumption in the urban cycle, liters per 100 km and octane number Transport tax in Moscow, which you pay per year, rub.
3. 0 l, gasoline, 220 l. with. 13.

7 AI-95

14 300
3. 7 l, gasoline, 280 l. with. 17. 1 AI-95 42 000

9 l, diesel, 275 l. with.

13. 4 41 250
4. 2 l, gasoline, 335 l.


17. 5 AI-95 50 350
3. 0 l, diesel, 233 l. with.

12. 0 17 475
3. 1 l, gasoline, 260 l. with. 14.

7 AI-98

39 000
4. 1 l, diesel, 326 l. with. 13. 4 48 900

0 l, gasoline, 450 l. with.

21. 4 AI-98 67 500
4. 2 l, gasoline, 350 l.


17. 5 AI-98 52 500

For example

So, you decided to buy a 2007 Audi A8 for 760,000 rubles and chose the version with a three-liter diesel engine. You are very lucky, because everything is gasolineeightsafter restyling, they consume exclusively fuel with an octane rating of 98 at 40 rubles per liter, and the engine power is always above 250 liters. with.

, which means serious tax costs. The diesel A8 isn't too ruinous. If you drive 15,000 kilometers in a year, then spend 58,000 - 62,000 rubles on gasoline, or about 5,000 rubles a month.

And if it breaks down ..


Audi A8 is a technically complex car, and there can be many problems with it. I will highlight the most typical ones. The stove motor often fails - the part itself costs 10,000 rubles, and the replacement costs another 5,000 rubles. On all engines, the problem area is the timing chain tensioner.

It itself will cost 15,000 rubles and 10,000 worth changing. Another typical breakdown is the failure of the rear brake caliper electric drives. The motors are about 10,000 rubles and we will take 3,000 for replacement Vadim Baldin , workshop masterAudi-Volkswagen car service(St. Petersburg, Prospect 9 January, 57)

So should you take it or not?

It all depends on income and regime operation of the car. If you get, say, 50,000 - 60,000 rubles and intend to travel by car every day from one end of the city to the other, then it is better to look after the car more modestly.

A used executive sedan will suit motorists with a monthly income of closer to 100,000 rubles and a gentle operating mode. In this case, the car will not become a burden and ruin for you. The qualifications of a garage master in these cases will not save. The premium cars of the 2000s have already become so complex that it is impossible to service them on their own, and the parts cost a lot of money. If you nevertheless decide to buy, do not forget to visit a specialized car service, because you cannot identify all the malfunctions on your own (or with the help of generalists).


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