Cagiva: Will The Italian Brand Be Reborn?

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    Cagiva: will the Italian brand be reborn?
      Giorgio Girelli, Executive Vice President of MV Agusta, revealed some interesting facts about the future of his company during interview with Italian newspaper Varese News. The most important news concerns the fate of another motorcycle brand from the Apennine Peninsula - Cagiva. 

    Commenting on rumors regarding the possiblerebootbrand Cagiva, Signor Girelli did not refute this possibility. According to him, resurrectionCagiva is not included in MV Agusta's immediate plans, but perhaps in an as yet undetermined time horizon. When this happens, production will be clearly divided: off-road bikes will be branded Cagiva, and road bikes will be branded MV Agusta.

    Cagiva: will the Italian brand be reborn?

    In the photo: Cagiva Elefant, the fastest motorcycle in the rallyParis-Dakarin 1990 and 1994

    As for MV Agusta's immediate plans, Italians expect to increase annual sales to 20 thousand motorcycles, mainly by expanding their presence in overseas markets of Western Europe and North America. As a reminder, it is planned to sell 12,000 MV Agusta motorcycles all over the world this year.

    The Cagiva brand dates back to 1978, when the Castiglioni brothers bought out the Italian subsidiary of Harley-Davidson. "Castiglioni Giovanni of Varese" - the name of the brand was formed from the first syllables of these words. The Cagiva WMXX 125 was the first water-cooled motocross motorcycle.

    In 1985 and 1986, Cagiva riders won the 125cc Motocross World Championship. The 80s became a real golden age for Cagiva - sales grew exponentially, and the company became a concern, joining Ducati (1985), Husqvarna and Moto Morini (1987), and later the Czech brand CZ (early 90- x years). The same fate was in store for the MV Agusta brand - it was acquired by Cagiva in the 80s. However, things were getting worse and worse, and in the late 90s, Cagiva sold Ducati and, almost on the verge of bankruptcy, changed its name to MV Agusta Motor S. p.



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