Born In The Wrc: Cars Popularized By World Rally

  The famous poet Vladimir Mayakovsky once wrote a poemTo Comrade Nette, the steamer and the man. . If someone does not remember, then it is about how the author met a steamer in the port of Yalta, bearing the name of his old friend, the red diplomatic courier Theodore Nette. This was back in 1926. 

Many years have passed since then.

And now people and steamerscan be found not only in seaports, but also. .. on quite ordinary highways. More precisely, we are not talking about steamers, but about cars.

About cars that belong to the so-called limited edition, that is, limited editions. It is these limited editions that are usually named.

In our article, we will talk, in particular, about cars that bear the proud names of world rally champions, and trace their history from the world of snow, ice, gravel, dust, mud, breakneck speeds, cornering in controlled skidding and crazy ski jumping. In general, our story is about those cars that can help their owner, at least for a while, feel like at least Sebastien Loeb.

Ford Escort Mexico

Driver: Hannu Mikkola.

Year: 1970.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Three years remain until the World Rally Championship appears. The idea of ​​combining disparate rallies into one tournament in which you can identify the best of the best, as they say, is in the air, but has not yet been fully formed. The world is ruled by the gruelingrally marathons. , routes which cross continents, seas and oceans.

In 1970, the marathon rally became one of the most famousLondon - Mexico City. . Mexico was preparing to host the FIFA World Cup, and this marathon rally was the best fit to advertise the upcoming grand event.

The marathon was organized by the English newspaper Daily Mirror. His 26,000-kilometer route began in the British Isles, crossed the Atlantic Ocean, and then passed along the hot, dusty, rocky roads of Mexico.

There were 96 cars at the start of the race on April 19, 1970. At the finish line, which took place on May 27, 1970 at the stadiumAztecin Mexico City, only ... 19 cars arrived! It is worth noting that among the finishers of this supermarathon there were three Soviet crews who overcame all difficulties in Moskvich-412 cars.

But now our story is not about them, but about the winner. It was the famous Finnish pilot, future world rally champion Hannu Mikkola. Mikkola won the marathonLondon - Mexico Cityspeaking on the Ford Escort Mk I. Moreover, the crews on the Ford Escort also took the third, fifth, sixth and eighth places in the final table. Naturally, in the wake of the May racing team's triumph, Ford decided to release a personalized modification of the popular runabout.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Ford Escort Mexico was perhaps the first civilian car to leave the world rally. Technically, this car was similar to the sporty versions of the Escort Twin Cam and, since 1971, the Escort RS1600. But, like the cars participating in the rally-marathon, the Escort Mexico was equipped with a simpler and more reliable engine of the Kent family, which was installed on the heavier Cortina and Ca50ri and which produced only 86 hp. with. versus 120 for the RS1600 version.

Against the background of 48 forces, the mass modification with an engine of 1.1 liter, 57horsesat Escort 1.3 and even close to 72 liters. with. .

.hot1300GT modification, the novelty looked quite fast and relatively affordable machine.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Externally Ford Escort Mexico frombig brotherEscort RS1600 differed only in nameplates and a sticker along the body with the proud name of the modification. In total, from 1970 to 1974, they managed to release 9,382 charged Escorts with a Mexican accent (the RS1600 sold only 1,108 copies).

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Toyota Celica GT Four Carlos Sainz Limited Edition

Pilot: Carlos Sainz.

Year: 1990.

1990 was a year of WRC triumph for Toyota. CarlosEl MatadorSainz, driving a Toyota Celica GT Four ST165, won four stages of the World Rally Championship, and in the remaining seven stages finished at least fourth place, thereby securing the world title. Toyota itself took second place in the Constructors' Cup.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

It was decided to immortalize this victory.

This is how the road-going Toyota Celica GT Four Carlos Sainz Limited Edition appeared. The car was released in 1991. And it was really a limited edition. A total of five thousand copies were produced. The long name Toyota Celica GT Four Carlos Sainz Limited Edition, the car had only in the European market.

In Japan, it bore the short designation RC, and in Australia it was sold as the Grou98 A Rallye.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Externally, the Toyota Celica GT Four Carlos Sainz Limited Edition differed from its usual onesistersToyota Celica GT Four only with a large ventilation hole on the hood, which was intended to remove hot air from the engine compartment, and another bumper with additional air intakes. Naturally, the nameplates of the Carlos Sainz Limited Edition have not been forgotten either.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

All the most important things were inside. Under the hood, she had a turbocharged engine with a capacity of 225 hp.

with. and a torque of 304 Nm. Of course, this version was all-wheel drive. So, driving the Carlos Sainz Limited Edition, anyone could feel like El Matador.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

A total of five thousand copies of this modification were produced.

So today this Celica is a real rarity and is very much appreciated by fans of rally cars all over the world.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition

Pilot: Tommi Makinen.
Year: 1999.

And now let's remember Vladimir Mayakovsky again. To paraphrase one of the most famous lines of his poems, we can say:We say Mäkinen, we mean Mitsubishi! We say Mitsubishi, we mean - Mäkinen !.

. This is exactly the case, because the famous Finn Tommi Mäkinen is inextricably linked with the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Mäkinen is one of the most successful riders in the history of the World Rally Championship. He has four world titles (according to this indicator, he shares the second place with Juha Kankkunen), 24 WRC wins (fifth place) and 139 WRC stages (sixth place). And until the arrival of Sebastien Loeb, Tommi Mäkinen was the only World Rally Championship driver to win his four titles in a row.

Mäkinen became world champion in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. And all these titles were won by him on the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Taking into account the merits of the Finnish pilot, the Japanese decided to immortalize his name by releasing Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition. This car was created on the basis of the usual (so to speak) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI.

Externally, the Evo VI TME featured a front bumper, Recaro sports seats (with an embossed Tommi Makinen Edition emblem), 17-inch Enkel wheels, a Momo leather steering wheel and a peculiar gearshift knob.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI TME color scheme stood out with shades of red. The car also came with decals that could be used to transform your car into a complete replica of Tommi Mäkinen's Mitsubishi rally car.

In technical terms, the Evo VI TME practically did not differ from the usual Evo VI. The only differences were the titanium turbine and the improved stretcher. 280 hp engine with.

gave out a torque of 373 Nm. From zero tohundredsthis car accelerated in 4.4 seconds.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

The main feature of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition was that it was produced ..

. only for the domestic Japanese market! There were simply no export options for the car! But over time, some specimens still broke out of the Land of the Rising Sun and allowed rally fans around the world to show offMäkinen's carin front of local pubs.

Subaru Im197reza RB5 and RB320

Pilot: Richard Burns.
Years: 1999 and 2006.

The 2001 World Champion Richard Burns became the first pilot of the World Rally Championship to win not one but two personalized cars.

True, only the first limited series turned out to be lifelong for him, the second was released in memory of the untimely deceased racer.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Richard Burns became the pilot of the Subaru factory team in 1993. Then this team played in the UK Rally Championship, and Burns, having won four stages, became the youngest British champion. In 1994 and 1995, Richard Burns already played for the Subaru factory team in the WRC. True, at that time he could not achieve great success, but he managed to show his potential.

In 1996-1998, Burns left Subaru to join Mitsubishi. During this time, Richard won his first victories in the WRC stages. But in 1999, Richard Burns returns to Subaru again. It was this event that was marked by the release of the limited edition Subaru Im223reza. She received the name Subaru Im226reza RB5.

RB is the initials of Richard Burns, and 5 is his number, under which he competed in the WRC.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Subaru Im239reza RB5 is a truly unique car. A total of 444 such cars were produced (attention!)! Those interested could purchase both the regular RB5 version and two versions with additional equipment - the WR S245ort s247ec (with a new high rear spoiler) and the Prodrive Performance Pack (PPP), which increased the car's power.

RB5 was only available in one color - Blue Steel. All mirrors, door handles, side skirts, front / rear spoilers and fog lamp plugs have been painted in body color.

The interior trim is trimmed with blue Alcantator with black accents, air conditioning, a Prodrive short-stroke stage, a MOMO steering wheel, and the mats have RB5 embroidery. Of course, there was also a number plate with a unique car number from 001 to 444.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

The exterior has also changed: the car stood on 17-inch alloy wheels with a unique titanium finish and the Prodrive logo in the center, shod in Pirelli P-Zero 205/45 ZR17 Corsa 88W rubber. A high Prodrive wing was installed at the rear, and 120W PIAA headlights were installed at the front. The car also received a new exhaust system, an air filter and a new ECU.

RB5 decals / nameplates were applied on the sides and back.

In 2001, Richard Burns became world champion. In 2002, he left Subaru WRT again, joining the Peugeot factory team. In 2003, Burns decided to return to Subaru and even signed a contract with the team ..

. But at the end of that year he was diagnosed with astrocytoma (one of the types of malignant brain tumors), so Richard was forced to leave the sport altogether and start fighting disease. Unfortunately, Richard Burns failed to emerge victorious from this fight. On November 25, 2005, at the age of 34, he passed away.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

A year later, in November 2006, in memory of Richard Burns, Subaru released a limited edition cars Subaru Im291reza WRX STi RB320.

RB still stood for the pilot's initials, and 320 stood for engine power.

Im299reza RB 320 is equipped with a forced up to 320 hp. with. turbo engine and can accelerate from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in 4.8 seconds.

The car received a 30 mm lower front and 10 mm rear suspension with Bilstein shock absorbers and a thicker anti-roll bar on the rear axle. The RB320 is equipped with exclusive 18-inch Prodrive anthracite wheels.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Externally RB320 differs in the original front bumper with a new lip on the lower edge, and a large air intake in the center. The air intakes and radiator grille are finished with a fine-mesh chrome mesh.

The first 50 Subaru Im321reza RB320 buyers in England were given the opportunity to ride their cars with Subaru team driver Peter Solberg on the Prodrive test ring near Warwick, UK.

..In my opinion, this is the best version of the road Impreza I have ever driven, said Peter Solberg. - Lots of fun. I hope that people who bought it will get the same buzz.

It is difficult to think of something better to honor the memory of such an outstanding driver as Richard Burns. .

Citroen C4 SE by Loeb, Citroen DS3 Racing S. Loeb Edition

Driver: Sebastien Loeb.
Years: 2006 and 2021.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

All In the world of motorsport, there is no pilot who could match the number of titles with Sebastien Loeb. Alsatian became world champion 9 times! He holds the record for wins, points, special stages and podiums in the WRC. There are simply no equals to Cebu in the world rally and will not be for a long time. So it’s not surprising that Loeb has a personalized series of cars. And even as many as two.

The first was the Citroen C4 Sebastien Loeb Edition. However, it is almost impossible to distinguish it from the usual three-door Citroen C4 Coupe. If not for the inscriptions scattered all over the bodyby Loeband not Seb's autographs at the side mirrors, you won't immediately understand that this is the car in front of you.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Citroen C4 Coupe SE by Loeb was available in red or black. Outside, this car was also given out by a roof spoiler and white or black wheels with 17-inch cast wheels.

The cars were equipped with three engine options: 1. 6 liter petrol engine with a capacity of 120 liters. with. ,one. 6 liter petrol turbo engine with a capacity of 150 liters.

with. and 1.6 liter turbodiesel engine with a capacity of 110 liters. with. But, in general, this car did not have the charisma that the limited champion version is desperately needed.

Citroen has taken into account the mistakes made in the release of the first model. And in 2021 the company presented a real exclusive - Citroen DS3 Racing S. Loeb Edition. This machine was produced for a very limited time. A total of 200 copies were produced.

And it was already a real Limited Edition.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

Citroen DS3 Racing S. Loeb Edition has a special color. Its peculiarity is not in color, but in the composition of the paint itself - it is a black matte coating, which to the touch very much resembles fabric. In contrast to the black, individual elements of the body, in particular the roof and the side mirror housings, are painted red.

A racing flag flaunts proudly on the roof. DS3 received tinted windows, silver door handles, and red calipers.

The interior of this modification is also made in a sporty spirit: bucket seats, aluminum pedals and additional sensors. The steering wheel and center console are decorated with carbon fiber.

Born in the WRC: Cars Popularized by World Rally

But the list of improvements doesn't end there! 1.

6-liter petrol four-cylinder turbo engine develops 207 hp. with. and is aggregated with a 6-stagemechanics. , giving torque to the front wheels. .

.Three-doorhas a top speed of 235 km / h and accelerates to 100 km / h in 6.5 seconds. Now this is a real little oneanimal. , for which neither its developers nor Sebastien Loeb should be ashamed.

What's next?

The triumphant seat of Lebane, who left the championship, is empty. Sebastian Ogier has dominated the overall standings for the third year in a row. So it is possible that in the foreseeable future we will see a limited version of the Volkswagen Polo R Sebastian Ogier edition ...


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