Avtovaz Will Release Lada Xray Earlier Than Planned

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  • AvtoVAZ will release Lada Xray earlier than planned
    AvtoVAZ will release Lada Xray earlier than planned
      At the MotorEx31o exhibition, recently held in Togliatti, the president of the company Bo Andersson said that the Xray hatchback will launch inseriesa little later than the Lada Vesta sedan.  

    At the Moscow Motor Show, AvtoVAZ announced that the conceptual hatchback Lada Xray Conce40t 2 in the serial version will be released in 2021, which was not news in the full sense since inDevelopment plancompanies we have seen thattall hatchbackbased on theX Ray. , a new trendsetter in car designLada. , will not appear earlier than in two years.

    AvtoVAZ will release Lada Xray earlier than planned

    In the photo: the schedule of the release of new products of the Lada lineup (7th pageDevelopment plan company presented at the end of March 2021).

    The graph shows that the outputhigh hatchbackscheduled for the very end of 2021. However, the press kit, which was provided to reporters at the Moscow Auto Show in August 2021, noted:Production of the new compact hatchback Lada Xray is planned to begin in 2021 at the AvtoVAZ site (Togliatti). .

    Agency todayAutostatwith reference to Bo Andersson reported that Lada Xray will appear in October 2021, that is, literally a month after the start of the Lada Vesta sedan.

    According to preliminary information, the Lada Xray hatchback will be equipped with a Renault-Nissan 114 hp engine.

    with. This is not surprising, because the platform of the car was B0, on which AvtoVAZ assembles Lada Largus, Renault Sandero hatchbacks, Sandero Ste62way, Renault Logan sedan and Nissan Almera.

    It is known that forX RayThe following options will be available: a driver's seat with height adjustment, heated front seats, a multimedia system with a 7-inch touchscreen, a multifunction steering wheel.

    Later, AvtoVAZ will release the Lada Xray Cross crossover, which is also based on the B0 platform. The car will also be produced with 4x4 all-wheel drive.

    ..Redesignedthe version of which car the new one will beLada. , probably don’t need to say? But just in case - Renault Duster.

    You shouldn't be surprised that different release dates are named.

    At the last MIAS-2021 portalWheels. RUtalked with the president of JSCAvtoVAZBo Andersson regarding the familyLada Vesta. . In the schedule of the release of new productsVestain the backstation wagonno. .

    . Bo Andersson was very surprised by this and said that there will be a Lada Vesta station wagon.


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