Avtovaz Continues Work On The C-Class Sedan And Crossover

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AVTOVAZ continues work on the C-class sedan and crossover
  Largest Russian automaker AVTOVAZ continues to adhere to its plans for the development of the model range, despite the economic crisis. 

According to the development plan of the brand, AVTOVAZ promised to release a sedan and a C-class crossover of the Lada brand in 2021-2021. As reportedAuto environment. , due to the updatemarketing parametersone of the upcoming models has changed several basic characteristics. Now the company's specialists have already developed an architectural scheme of capacity and made a model of proportions according to this scheme; Also, work is underway to create and discuss options for the style of the exterior and interior.

AVTOVAZ continues work on the C-class sedan and crossover

The development plan of AVTOVAZ, which Bo Andersson presented in 2021

The Lada C project has existed for a long time: the photo shows the concept of one of the crossover versions (2008), prepared as part of the joint developments of AVTOVAZ and the Canadian company Magna International.

The next in line after Xray and Xray Cross is the C-class crossover, on which we are now thinking and working. This will be a new product, while we are conceptually discussing it, we have certain developments, - the head of the project, Oleg Grunenkov, told the publication. - I would like to note that AVTOVAZ does not stop now, despite the times of crisis. Today we are already forming graphs for the new Lada C-class crossover.


Recall that earlier the president of AVTOVAZ, Bo Andersson, said that the new Lada C-class car will be produced at the facilities of the Izhevsk plant:IzhAvto is a more flexible plant and is suitable for more luxury products. Nissan Sentra is produced there, Lada Vesta will be produced, which is ideally suited for the equipment used for Nissan, we will also launch Lada C- said the head of the company.


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