Audi Removes Rs4 And Rs5 "sportsmen"

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Audi removes RS4 and RS5
  Fans of Audi's powerful all-wheel drive should hurry to the showroom as the German manufacturer is discontinuing the flashy RS4 and RS5 sports models. Successors will have to wait at least two years. 

According to the Danish edition of Telegraaf, citing a source within the company, Audi is scaling down production enormouslyhotmodels RS4 and RS5. The reason for this may be the need to free up the lines for the start of commissioning production of the new generation A4 model, the first demonstration of which may take place already at the end of June.

In the photo: the current generation of Audi RS4 Avant

In the photo: the current Audi RS5 in the backcoupe.

, version for the American market

Recall that the RS4 and RS5 models are still presented in the salons of Audi official dealers in Russia. Station wagon RS4 Avant with a capacity of 450 horsepower can be bought for 4,700,000 rubles. The RS5 coupe costs a little more - 4,800,000 rubles, while the price of the RS5 sports convertible is 5,545,000 rubles.

Incidentally, the RS5 diesel coupe recently set a lap record on the Sachsenring. The Audi RS 5 TDI competition concept has managed to show the best test time for a diesel car by Auto Bild Sportscars magazine.


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