Apple's Electric Car Could Arrive By 2021

  • Apple's electric car could arrive by 2021
      Leadership worldwide the well-known electronics brand suggests that the production of electric vehicles, decorated with the bitten apple logo, could begin in about five years, that is, in 2021. 

    The A4549le plans to start producing electric vehicles in five years, Bloomberg reported, citing its own sources. For the first time about this project called Titan, the development of which was carried out in conditions of strict secrecy, the media started talking in mid-February. It is also reported that the electric car will presumably be called the iCar.

    Apple's electric car could arrive by 2021

    Also, according to rumors, Apple's electric car will be a minivan.

    In charge of automotivethe company's division is vice president of product design, Steve Zadeski, who previously worked for the Ford corporation. It is also reported that about a thousand specialists are working on the project.

    According to the agency, it usually takes about 5-7 years for car companies to develop and establish production of a new model of an electric car. That Apple is going to release its iCar so soon speaks volumes about the value of the product for the brand's development. This is also evidenced by claims from various firms that Apple is poaching their battery development specialists, for example, from A123, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, as well as Tesla Motors, the main alleged competitor in the creation of electric vehicles.

    Apple's electric car could arrive by 2021

    So far, the company has not confirmed information about the creation of the iCar electric car. However, Apple is known to have received a patent for Accessory control with geo-fencing , which allows remote control of certain vehicle functions using the iPhone. The invention will be an addition to the CarPlay interface, which will be available for cars of American companies General Motors and Ford, German Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Swedish Volvo, British Jaguar and Land Rover, French Peugeot and Citroen, Korean Hyundai and Kia and Japanese Honda, Mitsubishi. Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru and Toyota.


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