4 New Lada Models That Could Become Bestsellers

  AVTOVAZ today has every chance to become an automaker with its own unique style and an interesting line of models. We decided to reflect on what models can be added to the Lada lineup in the near future. .. 

It is well known that the Lada model range will include andtall hatchback Lada Xray , and the B-class crossover Lada Xray Cross, and the larger C-class crossover, the name of which has not yet been announced.

.. First in a rowpurely roadmodels will be Lada Vesta , and then a C-class sedan will be built on its platform. But the budget segment, in which AVTOVAZ products are presented, is much broader, has a lot of niches, and we asked the specialists of the Artrace car design studio to present something that is not in the official development plan of AVTOVAZ, but could well find demand. We decided that all these models should be built on the same platform and have the style given by the XRAY concept.

And they chose four directions: city car, minivan, youth cross-coupe and pickup.

4 new Lada models that could become bestsellers

If the Lada brand has truly iconic models, then one of them, of course, is Oka ... For a long time, the place of an inexpensive compact car in the model range has been empty, although attempts to create a second generation of this model have been made several times.

NewDNAformed by the XRAY concept is perfect for qualityfacesreincarnated minicar.

4 new Lada models that could become bestsellers

And even on a small city car, you can perfectly apply all the developments of AVTOVAZ in the field of ecological transport: a hybrid power plant, already implemented on Lada Granta , an electric vehicle concept tested on El Lada , and evenrebuildfuel cell vehicle ANTEL . The same technologies can be applied in other Lada models presented here.

4 new Lada models that could become bestsellers

Now AVTOVAZ has a Lada Largus, but what will happen in five years, when this models come to an end? It is worth thinking about this question now, and in our opinion a 7-seater minivan in this style is perfect for the role of the successor. Essentially it isstretcheda variant of the previous concept - the same platform, the same power plants, but plus the third row of seats.

4 new Lada models that could become bestsellers

Once AVTOVAZ had a minivan Nadezhda, where the concept of a high-capacity car was implemented, having four-wheel drive. In our lineup4x4 versions are also provided, because such a minivan will certainly be popular in Russia. In addition, we have foreseen and franklyoff-roadmodels.

4 new Lada models that could become bestsellers

As you noticed, we turn to the origins, we try to make the most of what has already been created, but look at it in a new way. Another icon of AVTOVAZ is Niva, aka Lada 4x4.

We do not pretend that the new Niva should look like a cross-coupe, but in any case there is no way to do without a real SUV in the Lada lineup. Before you is the so-called beach jeep, which should be equally appreciated by fishermen and hunters, and the youth audience.

4 new Lada models that could become bestsellers

You think this car looks like the XRAY concept car had a random communication with the buggy? And there is! Wide track, high ground clearance, four-wheel drive versions, externalexoskeletonbodywork, easy-to-clean trim materials, quick-release plastic bumpers, a roof box, maybe even a removable plastic top. ..

and at the same time a multimedia complex, climate system, heated seats, mirrors and glass are already in the database. Everything for lovers of outdoor recreation, no matter how severe it is. :)

4 new Lada models that could become bestsellers

We also have something to offer to those who do not rest in the fresh air, but it works. Yes, we know that in the Russian car market, pickups occupy only about 2%, but maybe this is only because there has not yet been one among them: inexpensive, unpretentious and incredibly stylish? And besides, someone is buying all theseheels. , converted fromregularLada in light trucks? We thought: maybe it's enough to redo it, but just make a cool pickupfrom scratch.


4 new Lada models that could become bestsellers

Yes, this model will be based on the SUV you saw above ... But it will have its own original body, reinforced suspension and simplified equipment. All this should make it a very affordable and attractive proposition in the market.

And if Lada decides to return toDakar. , a more convenient option is hard to imagine. ..

Perhaps, we allowed ourselves too free flight of imagination.

But do not judge us harshly - we are inspired by AVTOVAZ, which has been simply gushing with good news lately. We very much hope that everything will be cool for the domestic car brand, and, perhaps, now it is possible as never before.

FirstswallowAVTOVAZ was recently called Grant, but it was with Vesta that Lada models first got a single corporate style. The style of XRAY and Vesta is very bright, memorable and excellentlays downfor a wide variety of body types and vehicle classes. AVTOVAZ is on the right track, and, I hope, the expansion of the model range will not be long in coming.

Artyom Sinitsyn, Artrace car design


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