2021 Ford Mondeo Gets A New Air Filter System

  • 2021 Ford Mondeo gets a new air filter system
      Air filter system, which equipped the new Ford Mondeo, is able to rid the driver and passengers in the cabin of the smell of burning, pollen and gaseous pollutants. 

    The new air filter system of the updated version of Ford Mondeo is able to block almost all nitrogen dioxide and up to 99% of pollen, which means that it does not pass most of the pathogens of various asthmatic disorders ... The filters also capture gaseous pollutants and odors.

    2021 Ford Mondeo gets a new air filter system

    The American company claims: the new filters are much more effective than their predecessors, as they are able to capture and block even the smallest particles, which will greatly facilitate the life of people suffering from allergic and respiratory disorders. Note that Ford will not limit itself to installing the system only on Mondeo and subsequently other models of the brand will receive the best filtration for this class.

    At first glance, fresh air does not matter as much as the appearance of the car or its driving habits. However, efficient air purification thanks to the new filters is an important part of the overall high quality of Ford vehicles, commented Volker Scheer, technical expert on health and environmental protection Ford of Euro48e. - The new filters are 50% more efficient than their predecessors, they are able to block the smallest particles, the size of which is less than one thousandth the thickness of a human hair.


    According to statistics, when a car is moving at a speed of 95 km / h, a driver's sneezing can lead to a loss of visual control over the road up to 20 m, the risk of getting into an accident for those who are allergic to pollen (hay fever) increases three times compared to healthy motorists. By the way, studies have shown that allergy sufferers suffer from their disease for ten months a year - from January to October.

    An updated version of the popular Ford Mondeo, expected in Russia not earlier than the first half of 2021, in addition to a new filtration system, will receive a collision avoidance system with pedestrian recognition. Now our compatriots can buy the current versionMondeo.

    , the price of which varies from 809,000 to 1,344,000 rubles. The range of motors is made up of both diesel (140-161 hp) and gasoline (120-240filly. ) engines. The first are completedautomatic. , the second - a mechanical or robotic gearbox.

    Besides Mondeo, Fordwill send other models to the market - a facelifted Focus, family cars C-Max and S-Max, a pair of Exlorer and Edge crossovers, as well as a public favorite - the Mustang sports car.


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