11 Facts You Need To Know About Lada Kalina Sport

  The Lada Kalina S10ort hatchback is already being sold with might and main through the official dealers of AvtoVAZ - on August 6, 2021, the Volzhsky Automobile Plant announced the official start of sales. We decided to collect all the facts about the model in one publication. If you are thinking about purchasing this car or just do not want to believe rumors and incompetent comments - read our material. 

1. The model is assembled in a separate production

SportsKalinabuilt on the basis of the most expensive, luxury version of Lada Kalina, and these cars are not made at AvtoVAZ.

The Lada S18ort division has its own production - a compact modern workshop, where 118-horsepower engines, modified gearboxes with a sports wing, branded shock absorbers, an exhaust system, and disc brakes are installed in the painted and assembled bodies at the factoryin a circleas well as the original seats, steering wheel, gearshift knobs and parking brake.

Sportswear is assembled in the same workshop and using the same technologyGrant. . Last year, the debut for the model, 850 cars were assembled here, in 2021 there should already be about 3,000, and Lada Kalina S25ort will collect about 600 copies and about 100 more - a more powerful version, Lada Kalina NFR.


Exterior and interior seriously revised

SportsKalinareceived a number of improvements to the exterior and interior, which quite distanced her from thecivilversion. On the front bumper, the fog lamp zones have changed, they have appeared in the backdiffuserand a spoiler.

Due to the fact that the car received sports wheels and a lower stance, in general it looks more aggressive and dynamic. In the cabin, like in the Granta S40ort, there is a red stitching of the leather steering wheel, gearshift knobs and parking brake, a carbon insert appeared above the glove box.

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport


Engine power increased by 20 HP with.

On the technical side, Lada Kalina S55ort is also completely identical to Granta S63ort. A fast hatchback in addition to the already existing sedan is needed to expand the target audience. Plus, from the point of viewdriver'scharacteristics are preferable to the hatchback.

But the engine of these cars is the same: a modified 16-valve 21126 from Lada Priora with a lightweight connecting rod-piston group, in the initial state, issuing 98 hp.

with. Up to 118 his strengthdispersedusing other camshafts with a modified cam profile (improved cylinder filling and purging from exhaust gases), updated firmware of the electronic control unit and reduced intake and exhaust resistance.

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport

4. Gear ratios have been changed in the transmission

The gearbox differs from the serial one. When you accelerate your Lada Kalina S83ort at over 3,000 rpm, you feel a very noticeable increase in traction, which lasts up to about 6,000 rpm - this is not yethothatch, but it doesn't feel much like a regular Lada either.

But above or below these rpm Lada is recognized, because outside the specified range, the characteristic of the engine, in fact, remains the same.

Still, to create a certain onepick upat low revs, engineers have slightly modified the gearboxGrants. , replacing the standard main pair with a gear ratio of 3. 7 with a new one, with the number 4. 3.

As a result, the fourth gear turned from direct to intermediate, but the fifth became almost direct, and not overdrive. This practically did not affect the consumption (in the combined cycle the Granta S93ort consumes 7.8 l / 100 km), but it had a positive effect on the dynamics: 9.5 s. before hundredsand 197 km / h top speed.

RegularOkaythey don't know how.

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport

5. The suspension has become stiffer and 20 mm lower Kalinasample of 2004: the angle of the castor increased, the stiffness of the stabilizers increased, the levers became stronger. When creating sports versions, the engineers of the Lada S108ort division added to this set branded hydraulic gas-filled shock absorbers and struts, stiffer and shorter springs, etcplantedcar by 20 millimeters.

Levers of the original design, with negative camber, appeared at the back.

The suspension has become stiffer, but the energy consumption has remained at the same level - the car works out bumps of any type quite well, remaining stable both in turns and on a straight line, even if the asphalt is not too even under the wheels. Frankly, this suspension does not like only sharp changes in the coating likespeed bumps. .

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport

6. The brakes received large discs, ABS and ESP

The braking system also differs from the usual Kalinovskaya one: ventilated discs are installed in front, the diameter of which has grown to 280 mm, and instead of drums, there are also discs - manufactured by TWR and with a diameter of 240 mm.

All this works in conjunction with the Bosch ABS system. In addition to this system, sportsKalinait also has ESP, which stabilizes the car's behavior during skidding.

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport

7. The standard wheels have a diameter of 16

The opposite Kalina has a rear track measuring 1,432 mm (by the way, the front track remained almost standard - 1,431 mm) and surpasses the serial Kalina in this parameter (1,414 mm) and even his ownlittle sisterGranta S143ort (1,420 mm). It was necessary to widen the track to give the car more stability, but also so that sport wheels of 195 / 50R16 dimensions fit in the rear arches.

When last year the Lada S153ort division began to produce sportsGrants. , Yokohama tires and forged wheels were put on the cars, but now, in order to maintain a competitive price, the wheels have become alloy, retaining the previous design, and the tires are now Nankang brand, originally from Taiwan.

Note that the installation of Yokohama rubber was more of an image step. The model that stood on the Granta S164ort, although it had a low profile, was not sportygripon the asphalt. Replacing with Taiwanese tires, which, by the way, are sold all over the world and have a good balance of price / quality, will not be too dramatic.

For serious races, in any case, you will have to take track rubber, and for everyday use, frictional propertiesTaiwaneseenough for the eyes.

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport

8. Kalina Sport occupies an empty market niche

This item, in fact, consists of everything described above. ..

Arithmetic meanit turns out this: before us is a car that is equally far from both sports cars of famous brands and from serial production under the Lada brand. It is exactly in the middle between these two points, and for AvtoVAZ this is really cool, because all the products of the enterprise can become like Kalina Sport.

As shown by our test drive , sports dynamics and handlingKalina- a very balanced car, on which you can calmly roll in traffic, and race along the highway, covering hundreds and thousands of kilometers, etclight it upsomewhere on a closed track on a track day.

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport

9. The model still has a lot of potential for everyday cars

With the increased dynamics, Kalina Sport has retained some of its ownhouseholdfunctions - the curbs on a sports car can no longer be stormed, but the trunk and the possibilities of transforming the interior have not gone anywhere.

Luggage compartment Viburnumsmall, only 240 liters (versus 480 litersGrants. ), but a large opening, folding seats and a low loading height, if necessary, will allow you to transport on this without any problemssports carnot at all sports seedlings, household appliances or even furniture.

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport

10. Price - cheaper than half a million rubles

AvtoVAZ sells Lada Kalina Sport through its dealers with special permission throughout Russia - a map of car dealerships can be found on the official website of lada-sport. ru.

The price of the car is 487,000 rubles, which is only five thousand more than asking for the Granta Sport sedan. The package includes: air conditioning, multimedia system with 4 speakers and USB and SD slots, 4 power windows, rear parking sensors, leather steering wheel with electric power steering, heated windshield, power and heated mirrors, ABS and ESP systems, fog lights, light and rain sensors, alarm, 16-inch alloy wheels and a full-size spare tire.

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport

11. AvtoVAZ will have more sports cars

Lada Kalina Sport is just the beginning. Projects of other sports Lada have already been laid, which will be even better and faster.

Now at AvtoVAZ the motorsport spirit is stronger than ever: just recently, the pilot Rob Huff brought the racing oneGrantto the second place in the Argentine race of the prestigious WTCC championship, which has not happened in the entire history of Russian (and Soviet) motorsport.

Therefore, Lada Sport will now have, if not carte blanche, then more freedom in terms of applying racing technologies on production cars - for sure. And we will look forward to the next novelty from Lada Sport. Because those who are not enough of the Kalina Sport will switch to the 140-horsepower Kalina NFR, which will be on sale in the fall of 2021.

11 facts you need to know about Lada Kalina Sport

Well, now that you know everything about this car ( or almost everything), it will be easier for you to decide whether to buy it or not.

Or at least it will be more convenient to participate in Internet discussions on the topic of Lada Kalina Sport, of which there are a great many. And if you have something to say right now - welcome to the comments.


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